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Demand deposit account (DDA) for Corporate Organisations businesses in which  funds deposited are payable on demand either in person or by presentation of a cheque by third party, bank draft, direct debit, electronic fund transfer


  • Minimum initial deposit of N10,000.00 and N20,000.00 for individual and Corporate customers respectively.
  • Allow for salaries and other remittances to be paid in.
  • Zero minimum operating balance.


  • Access to loans and overdrafts.
  • Allow lodgement of cheques/dividend warrants and other financial instruments.
  • Allow for third party withdraw.
  • Allow the use of cheque book.

Documentation Requirements

  • Duly completed account opening form.
  • Identification of Signatory – International Passport, National Driver’s License, National ID, Voters card.
  • Two passport photographs of each signatory to account.
  • Two reference forms.